‘Electric’ means one which works on electrical energy.’Motor’ one that imparts motion. So motor which converts applied electrical energy to mechanical energy. It is rotating device
which results into rotation of rotor on application electric field.
🔌 Electric motor mainly consists of rotor, bearings, windings, commutator.
🔌Electric motor works on the principle of magnetic effects of applied electric current. It works on combine effect of electric and magnetic field.
🔌The magnetic field in electric motor is produced using windings in motor.
🔌The driving force in electric motor is torque produced due to applied electric energy.
🔌Electric motors can be classified into two main types:-
1)AC motors:- works on alternating(AC) current.
2)DC motors:- works on direct(DC) current.
🔌 Applications of electric motors:-
As it is device which converts electrical energy to magnetic energy it has many application in household as well as industrial purposes. Also electric motors are more environmental friendly as they do not cause any pollution.
1)Electric motor in household devices:- Electric motor is used in vaccum cleaners, fans,dishwashers, computer printers etc.
2)Electric motor for industrial purposes:- Electric motors used in paper mills, crushers, rolling mills,turbines etc.