Embrace the coffee and accept the cup.


How dare you beat me in chess, you big foreheaded, small chimpanzee. Who are you?” these were the words of my class x  bully Mr. Abc while he kicked me right on my back. I was dragged to the ground with full force. Well, if you are wondering if his shoe was clean I had the same question.
Greetings, honorable professor and my fellow coffee cups. this was the incident that shaped, or to be honest, reshaped my school life. I was very underconfident in my childhood, insecure about every possible human trait. I was short, had a big forehead, and was arguably good at nothing except academics(which was not cool anyway). While the whole class was laughing that day I was lying on the floor thinking about the biggest question of the millennium,” Who am I?” this question might not make sense but at that moment it felt relevant.” Although i had been bullied all through my childhood, that day it really hit me, the whole class was laughing and I thought they were right I don’t have anything special. Have you ever felt you are not good enough, I felt exactly like that, my self-esteem was buried alive? I was insecure about everything was fairly underconfident. For a few days, I didn’t want to do anything.
I went home and was still thinking of what had happened that day, and to be fair I was blaming myself for being like this. Every moment i was thinking about my insecurities, it went to an extent that i was denying my success in academics. Academics for me was like a fight.
Round one 10th board bang 95.2%, 12th standard shoot 90.15%, jee dash 99th percentile.
Football team selection (take a pause) bang you are not tall enough, go home kid. Shuss. This sentence was a just a small joke but when you are insecure about something it really gets on your mind and it did. And again everyone started pointing me out and laughing at me for something I wasn’t responsible for. All the success meant nothing in front of this.
Again that day i went home crying imagine a 17 year old crying, ya i know it was awful. That day was worse than the last time. In the evening my grandpa called me for a cup of coffee, he got to know what happened. After going there i see 4 cups of coffee, i sat next to him as he starts speaking. What do you see here, i said 4 cups of coffee, he said chose one, i chose the best looking one. Well the taste wasn’t good enough. And then what he said changed everything. He said son life is like these coffee cups the cups are provided to you like your body and situations, and its not in your control how your cup is. The looks of the cup are not the deciding factor for the taste of coffee, in the same way the way we are and what we are given is something which is not in our control and won’t control what we can do. The current world just gets lost in the cup and forgets to embrace the coffee. The moment you stop judging and worrying about the cup you are given and start embracing the coffee everything will change. So all my fellow coffee cups lets start embracing the coffee and accept the cup as it was given.