Indian folk dances

:Kathak:-Kathak is one of the major forms of Indian classical dance.The term kathak is derived from a Sankrit word Katha means story and Kathaka means “he who tells a story.Kathak is performed to a primary percussion instrument (usually a Tabla) or orally recited beats.•Both men and women wear ‘Ghunguroos’ or Ankle- bells, as they are the prerequisite to this dance form.•There are different styles of Kathak called the Gharanas (which literally means the house of the Guru). Lucknow Gharana (In the present day, Pt. Birju Maharaj ji is the torchbearer of this Gharana), Jaipur Gharana, Benares Gharana .

Bharatanatyam:-It is one of the most popular Indian dance form which took birth in Tamil Nadu.Due to its wide range of movements and postures and the balanced melange of the rhythmic and mimetic aspects lends itself well to experimental and fusion choreographyBharatanatyam encompasses a wide variety of skills, it is a dance form that requires the dancer to have experience of theatre, music, literature and poetry.There are two main elements of bharatanatyam which are Nritta and Nritya:-•Nritta is pure dance, it is creating complex movements and patterns to rhythms. It does not have a focus on meaning but it expresses the joyous energy and beauty experienced by the dancer. •Nritya is a combination of rhythm and expression. The dancer would perform to a poem or song by using subtle facial expressions and hand gestures

Kuchipudi :-It is among the top classical dance forms of India and is indigenous to Andhra Pradesh, the south Indian state of India.•It is different from other dance forms as it includes singing as well as part of its native dance form.•The female dancer categorically wears a pleated saree that has fan like pleats attached in the front which open beautifully as the dance unfolds. The male dancer usually wears a dhoti.•Indrani Bajpai and Yagini Krishnamurthy are the two main names behind popularising Kuchipudi and expanding it on an international platform